This bursary will be offered to applicants who will meet the following criteria:

    1. Must be Zambian and in possession of a Green National Registration Card;

    1. Must possess any of the following qualifications:

      • Grade 12 Certificate or its equivalent for those applying for Craft Certificate, Technician / Advanced Certificate, Technologist / Diploma and Degree Programmes;

      • Grade 9 Certificate or Grade 7 Certificate for those applying for Trade Test Programmes. ;

    1. The MoHE encourages those who have never been to school to apply for trade test programmes;

    1. Must possess acceptance letters from the following MoHE Institutions

    1. Must obtain a Social Welfare Report from the District Social Welfare Offices under the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare where applicants reside;

    1. Must not be on any other bursary support; and

    1. Must not be more than 35 years old at the time of making the bursary support application;

    1. The MoHE encourages returning students to apply under special circumstances where they can prove that their sponsor/guardian are unable to continue in instances of death, disability, terminal/chronical illness or retrenchment by attaching supporting legal documents such as death certificates, medical reports, court orders etc.